About Us

We are a team of nine humanitarian enthusiasts driven by empathy and passion on a mission to help transform the lives of children in need. Our story began in 2017 during our volunteering in Kitale, Kenya, where we witnessed the tremendous suffering of so many children who were living in extreme poverty, were orphans, out of school, many of whom HIV infected and some on the very brink of starvation. All of this touched us profoundly and motivated us to take action.
We could not forget the love we had received in Kitale, so with the help of our dear friends who encouraged us, we founded Circle of Love.
Our goal was to raise awareness and seek support within our community by providing sponsorships and donations. Soon, help started pouring in and more than 60 children received sponsorship and started education in local schools, where they will not only have the opportunity to learn and pursue their dreams but will also be provided protection and guidance, as well as daily meals, medical and other necessary care.
Through various donations, we also raised additional funds for the construction of 5 new classrooms that will be a safe haven for the children.
We are proud to say that all of this has been achieved in just 2 months, but it would not be possible without cooperation with a local Kenyan humanitarian organization Global Steps and its founders Godfrey Ogoma and his wife Joyce, whose dedicated and hard work has been an inspiration to us from the very start.
We believe this is just the beginning, help us do even more by supporting us!
   ~Nikolina Boro and Lea Lesjak

Our Team

Lea Lesjak


Maja Misirača

Vice President

Željko Mužević


Nikolina Boro


Jasenka Surla


Anamarija Banek


Antonela Solenički


Lana Hrgovan


Ida Ivašić


Our Work


We provide underprivilidged children, who are often hungry, not going to school and without parental care, the opportunity in achieving thier dreams by enrolling them in schools, where they get education, a warm meal and necessary guidance. Become a sponsor and make a difference in a child's life by giving them a happier and healthier childhood.

School material

Our vision is to cooperate with the poorest schools in a chosen area, where children don't have necessary tools and resources or an acceptable learning environment. We ensure they have pencils, pens, notebooks and other study material.

Medical care

Many of the children we met are HIV infected, suffering from tuberculosis, malaria or malnutrition.
By individual donations we are able to take them to hospital where they can receive a proper medical care and well-balanced nutrition, which will enable them to recover completely.